7 Surprisingly Weird Results of Losing Weight

We decided to put together a hit-list of some of the coolest, weird, and less known results that you can expect from losing weight.

Most of the research that has been sourced in creating this blog has been generally carried out on participants that are obese and not just slightly overweight. That being said a lot of the principles still apply, and if anything, it makes for an interesting read.

Maybe you’ll be able to find some weird and wonderful benefits to weight loss that are specific to you after reading this, and if you do, we’d love for you to share them with us on Facebook/Twitter.

So let’s get this show on the road.


Your partner is less likely to give you a right hook in your sleep

You probably didn’t realise, but for those of you that snore, shuffle around, talk in your sleep, or wake up at random times, your partner may have thought about giving you a whack to stop you.

Luckily for them, and for you, there has been a ton of research around how exercise and sleep go together. The benefits that have been reported are endless, however, you can expect deeper sleeping, waking up feeling fresher, improved sleep, less snoring, more energy, etc.

Have a little google around the topic and you’ll find yourself knee-deep in interesting results, hence why sleep makes it into our list.

For those of you that carry out these nightly torture routines, exercise could be the answer, and we’re sure your partner will appreciate your efforts.


You may end up bringing in more cheddar

Although we don’t think it’s right, and the way society views individuals can be infuriating, you could actually find financial gain is often obtained when you slim down.

Studies have been conducted to varying degrees around the association of excess weight and propensity to succeed in careers, and they have managed to find a dotted line between the two.

In a world where people are quick to judge and form assumptions, you may find that your weight affects your career right at the interview stage, as found in a study of 1000 employers. They discovered nearly half of recruiters were less inclined to recruit an applicant at interview stages if they were obese.

The majority of research out there seems to conclude that the more overweight you are the less likely you are to succeed professionally against your more ‘average’ counterparts.

This issue is further magnified in females who not only have to battle the glass ceiling, but also are more susceptible to unwritten societal pressures on their appearance. One 2009 Michigan study compared female and male CEO’s and noted a greater tolerance towards men being overweight, however this tolerance wasn’t present when looking at females of the same level.

It’s definitely an interesting topic and although it doesn’t particularly show the human race in a favourable light, it’s worth bearing in mind when you’re looking for motivation to workout.


You’ll feel less like a Dory fish

A study carried out at the University of British Columbia found that intensive aerobic workouts, the kind that make you want to cry, actually impact the size of your hippocampus.

In case you didn’t know (and we didn’t) the hippocampus is not a university dedicated to hippopotamus, it’s actually an area of your brain that gets involved in your learning skills and verbal memory.

Apparently exercise causes the following reactions in the brain;

  • Resistance to insulin is reduced,
  • Growth factors are stimulated in the brain,
  • Inflammation is reduced,

There are a few other scientific benefits, but the bottom-line is exercise is good for your brain. No longer will you struggle to remember P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.


You could improve chances of getting a bun in the oven

For those of you avid ‘bakers’ out there, you may be happy to hear that losing weight can actually increase the odds of you getting a bun in your oven.

Studies have shown that by losing just 5% of your body fat, you can have an amazing impact on the odds of you getting pregnant. It’s not just girls either, men can get their swimmers up to Olympic standards by losing weight too.

Obesity has been noted to affect not just fertility, but also impact childbirth, postpartum recovery, and the health of your baby-to-be. It’s worth digging into the details of how weight affects pregnancy if you’ve been thinking of creating a mini-you.

Read more here 


Sex is just waaaaay better

One study carried out by the Duke University found links between obesity, lack of sexual enjoyment, impaired performance and an active avoidance of sexual encounters. The biggest sufferers of lower sexual quality were also found to be women.

The study did look particularly at individuals who were classed as obese, and who were actively seeking to lose weight. The complaints mentioned above were found to be around 25 times higher than others who were classed as being a healthy weight.

Ignoring the science behind it all, basically you’ll enjoy getting your freak-on more if you ditch the weight. You’ll feel sexier, attract your partner more, last longer, have a higher sex drive and no doubt find a cheeky smile on your face most days.


Vino is more likely to smack you in the tits

If you love your wine (and we do) you’ll find that your tolerance takes a bit of hit when you have started losing weight. This is because the larger you are; the more alcohol you need to take on before you start to feel it.

Now although weight loss and drinking don’t exactly go hand in hand, occasionally you may want to celebrate your progress. Moderation is key and as long as you stick to your fitness goals, you can enjoy the odd cheat day.

We suppose you could look at this one of two ways, on one hand, your bank account may not take such a hit but you still get just as buzzy as normal. On the other hand, you may find yourself more likely to trot around bare foot in a bar whilst drunkenly texting your ex.

So be prepared for both eventualities and take corrective action when necessary (or just hide your phone from drunk you).


You could end up moving to Mars

Now, we’re not exactly sure if this is definitely going to happen, but hear us out. We all know that reaching mars is increasingly falling within our grasp. And we’re sure that if they decide to colonise mars, well then they’ll need volunteers.

As you start to lose weight you increase the likelihood of living longer and reduce your risk of many different illnesses and ailments. So, if you’re living longer and mars is creeping up on us fast, it only makes sense that you could end up moving there.

Start dropping those pounds and keep your eyes peeled for the mars application forms, if we come across it first we’ll be sure to share.

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