How Can Boot Camps Help You With Weight Loss?

It’s that time of year, where our holiday is in a couple of weeks, and we realise just how hard those Christmas chocolates hit us this year. Getting to the beach in your swimwear and having local wildlife rescue teams attempt to push you back into the sea, can be demotivating to say the least.

Boot camps are here to save the day, once again.

If you want to ensure the only tyre you have by the pool this year is inflatable, boot camps can help you lose weight and reach your fitness goals.

Boot camps are a sure-fire, tried and tested way to help you lose your extra pounds. Weight loss is the very foundation on which boot camps are built. Through high-intensity cardio, push and pull movements, and body weight exercise, you can build those muscles you never knew you had.


Lean & Mean 

It seems to be common knowledge that just about anyone can lose weight and get skinny. You don’t even need to be healthy, and eating just one mars bar a day will see you dropping weight quicker than ever. The issue is how you maintain your weight loss when eating habits return to normal.

Crazy diet plans such as, vegetable powders, coconut milk, caveman diets, etc might make sense in theory, but putting them into practice is a completely different kettle of fish. Following these can prove to be a recipe for disaster.

It all comes down to the correct way to lose weight, doing it the healthy way. Monitor what you eat and exercise regularly. For those of us who are busy bees, you’ll be glad to hear that you don’t have to commit to going to the gym every day of the week .Simply taking part in boot camp classes can provide you with an intensive full body workout that ensures all bases are covered.

Combine your fitness classes with some small adjustments to you diet, including less naughty stuff, and you’ll find yourself losing weight and feeling leaner than ever.


Boosting Calorie Deficit  

Losing weight can come down to a very simple math problem.

The equation works in the following way;

Actual Calories Consumed – Calories Needed to Maintain = Deficit/Surplus 

If you’re in a deficit of calories needed to maintain, you will lose weight, if you are in excess, you will gain weight. When you carry out any activity, your body will burn calories, the more activity you do, the more calories you will burn.

Boot camp classes are an excellent way to burn through those calories and decrease fat. Due to the high-intensity nature of boot camps, you can expect to burn through 500 – 700 calories in just one hour.

If in one day, you are consuming 1,600 – 1,700 calories a day and you’re burning so many calories in one hour, it’s easy to see how this can massively impact your weight, pushing your calorie count into the deficit needed.

To work out your recommended daily intake use a calorie calculator like this one. Click Here. 


The Social Aspect 

Research has been carried out on health, fitness and psychological benefits, and experts have noted that when surrounded by others who are trying to lose weight, participants are more motivated and likely to reach their goals.

As the old adage goes “you are a product of those you choose to spend most time with”. Studies have also noted the likelihood of achieving goals are increased further, when friends and family members are also supportive of fitness aims.

It’s not just the increased level of support you’ll receive at boot camps, nor is it the motivation you’ll find from being around others striving for the same goals. The real win is the network you become a part of, and the new friends you’ll walk away with.

If meeting new people and shaping yourself into the best version of yourself sounds appealing, then we’re sure you’ll find boot camps perfect for you.


Psychological benefits of group exercise 

The very act of completing physical activity with other people, actually has psychological benefits too. Psychologist Otto Köhler noted an increased persistence and performance of individuals, when taking part in an activity with one or two others. This phenomenon is known as the Köhler effect, and can help give you that extra edge to achieve your fitness goals.

Working out within a group is proven to provide you with that extra push, and doing so in a fun, sociable environment makes it all that more enjoyable.

Boot camps are just that, they provide you with a platform to burn calories, surround yourself with others similar to you, and push you to reach your target weight faster than you would in any gym environment.

Get-Involved-Boot-Camp-Hamers360fitness copy

Get Involved in Boot Camp 

We currently have 2 boot camps running each week with two very different set-ups;

Wednesday boot camp

A class designed to keep you moving and shaking throughout the entire session, the Wednesday boot camp incorporates HIIT (high intensity interval training), full body workouts, cardiovascular training (getting your heart rate pumping), and exercises that use your body weight and actual weights.

The aim of the game in this session is to burn as many calories as possible, help you lose weight and get yourself fitter whilst utilising every single minute of the session.

Saturday boot camps

Helping you power into the weekend, full steam ahead, Saturday sessions are all about the circuit. We’re talking about circuit training of course! Different stations are set up with various exercises and activities designed to give you a full body workout.

There’ll be weighted exercises, core engaging movements, body weighted exercises, resistance training and high-intensity aerobics, all designed to build your strength and muscular endurance whilst burning those calories.

Free Taster Session

If it’s your first time at boot camp, don’t worry, we’ll give you a free taster session so you can find out what it’s all about and decide if it’s something you’re going to enjoy. All you have to do to get booked on is either call us, drop a message in the contact form below, or message us on Facebook.

Once you contact us, we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to confirm your place.