5 Ways You Can Battle Bad Food Cravings

We know it sucks! We know the feeling! You decide to make a change, a real push in the right direction. You train hard, you sweat harder, then you feel it.

Chocolate bars, cakes, crisps. The next aisle, pizza, ice cream, deserts. It’s like everywhere you look, these bad foods are everywhere, and you just want to stick to your new healthy routine. Surely one bite won’t hurt?

It’s more common than you think, don’t worry, everyone who has embarked on a new lifestyle change has had to deal with those cravings for all the wrong stuff.

This week’s highlight reel showcases the 5 greatest tools you can equip yourself with to battle your cravings for bad food. 

1 Drink More Water

Drinking more water is kind of a two-pronged attack, the more you drink the less hungry you feel for longer, and when you do get thirsty, your body may start to confuse your thirst with hunger. 

When you do find that you start craving specific food, try drinking a large cup of water and give yourself a little time to relax. Chances are given a few moments, you’ll find the pangs subside and your body just wanted fluids. 

Drinking water doesn’t just help your hunger cravings, it also improves your skin, boost immune systems, keeps your body working well and keep you feeling happier and healthier. Don’t forget you have a friend in the H2O.


2 Eat More Protein

Not only does protein help your muscles repair after exercise, it also promotes healthy weight loss through reducing your appetite a little. Health studies with both me and women found significant reduction in cravings when incorporating higher levels of protein into a diet 

You can get more protein from eating more of the good stuff, chicken, meat and especially fish. If you struggle to add protein to your diet you may choose to add supplements into your diet. Find out more about supplements here. 

3 Plan of Prepare Your Meals

As they say, preparation is key right? Well in fitness there’s fewer true words. Planning your meals in advance can save you from the desperation and cravings you feel as your body starts to require fuel. 

By already knowing what you’re going to eat and when, you eliminate the quick decisions you’ll find yourself making when you want to eat right away. Just having a stocked up fridge and some quick recipe ideas can help save you from the unhealthy foods when you haven’t planned ahead. 

Another awesome way to make sure you eat the right amount of the good stuff is to meal prep. It sounds like it could be a hassle, but actually most people find they save themselves time cooking all their food in one go. 

Here’s an awesome step by step guide to preparing meals easily aimed at those who are new to the idea in the video above. 


4 Eat Regularly 

It may sound strange that we say eating more often is a great way to support your weight loss or dieting, however hear us out, it’ll make sense. 

Hunger is one of the main reasons we find ourselves craving foods, so it makes sense that we try to avoid ourselves getting to that point of extreme hunger when we forget about eating healthy. 

Eating little and often also has benefits to how our body absorbs the food into the body and uses this fuel. You’re also less likely to overeat in one large sitting too if you keep your food intake constant and regular. 

By preparing yourself for when you may get hungry you can stop those cravings from ever appearing at all. 

5 Manage Your Stress

Stress! Ahhhhhhh Stress!!! It sure is stressful. 

We bet you didn’t know that being stressed can actually make you crave unhealthy food. Only kidding, everyone has heard about stress eating. As we write we picture those sad times we’ve sat and demolished a whole bucket of KFC and a barrel of Ben & Jerry’s, sobbing into our napkin. 

Luckily stress can be inhibited by taking part in exercise and other therapeutic activities. Of course the less stressed you are the less you’ll crave bad foods. It’s a beautiful cycle that ensures you’re going to reach those goals. 

Of course, one of the biggest and best ways you can battle away your food cravings is to not go it alone. Having support from a friend or personal trainer can make all the difference, you guys are all going navigating the same battle field of saturated fat and calories, and supporting one another means you’re better equipped to last the duration. 

Find out more about how training with friends can help you on your journey.