Vision Boards – Inspiration and motivation for your goals and dreams

What is a vision board and why should I try one? A vision board (or dream/goals board) is a collection of images, words, ideas or other items that represent our desires for our life and our future. It can include examples of things we’d like to have, be or do and can help to inspire and motivate us to work towards these dreams and goals in our everyday life. Vision boards can support the practice of visualisation as explained in the previous blog for those who prefer to see physical images rather than simply imagine them.  

Having images in front of us can be particularly useful for those of us who are more ‘visual’ learners, who really connect with things through SEEING them as opposed to just hearing or thinking about them. They can help to provide concrete reminders of our hopes and dreams and the direction we want our life to go in, after all even people who have compelling goals and dreams sometimes forget about them amidst the stresses and strains of everyday life. Having a vision board that you see regularly can help to refocus the mind on your goals and almost ‘reprogram’ it to focus on them despite any other distractions.

Vision boards contain a series of motivational images and words to represent goals and dreams

Another key time that vision boards can be useful is when we’re feeling a little ‘lost’ and unsure of what we want our future to look like or include. By allowing your mind free reign over what it feels drawn to, you may reveal subconscious desires that you weren’t even aware of when you were trying to ‘think’ your way into the future. The key here is to browse your available material (ideas given below) with no specific images in mind and just allow yourself to choose any pictures, colours, items or words that you feel drawn to.

As detailed in my last blog on visualisation, there’s a core belief in personal development that we attract more of whatever we focus on. Vision boards help to focus and realign our minds with our goals and dreams and so our actions and choices will naturally lean towards facilitating these. Obviously, by sticking a photo of a mansion on your bedroom wall you probably won’t get one tomorrow however by being clear about and constantly reminded of what matters to you in life and the direction you want to head in, you will naturally make choices that align to this. It’s also a fun and motivational craft project if you’re interested in personal development but feel that sitting reading ‘self-help’ books isn’t for you!

Repeated exposure to images can help our brain to retain and act on them

What do I need to get started?

Access to the internet and a printer OR a selection of magazines/newspapers etc that can be cut up

Scissors (be careful – safety first! 😊)

A large sheet of card or paper plus blu tack/sellotape to attach images OR a cork board and pins OR a magnetic board and magnets (basically any which way you want to display your board!)

How do I create a Vision Board?

  1. First of all, take some time to reflect on what you want your vision board to include. You may wish to do shorter-term goals such as in the next few months/ year or longer term/the rest of your life! You may also wish to choose a theme for board or split it into sections to cover things such as work and career, fitness, family and relationships and/or environment and décor. The possibilities are endless and there’s no right or wrong with what you wish to include.

2. Start to browse your magazines or the internet and print and/or cut out anything that appeals to you – including words, images and even colours. Try to approach this with an open mind and not to worry too much about WHY you feel drawn to something. You can always discard it later if it doesn’t feel quite right when you assemble your images.  If you’re searching online you may wish to search for generic words such as ‘confidence’ or ‘love’ or you may be more specific such as ‘mansion with a pool’ or ‘cocktails on the beach!

3. Don’t forget to include any quotes or words that summarise your goals and visions, many of us find these incredibly powerful and motivational. If you prefer to stick to images then go with that, there are no rights or wrongs!

4. Arrange your images onto your board or paper and attach them once you’re happy with the layout. Don’t worry if your board has empty space as this can be a permanent work in progress. On the flip side, including too much may feel overwhelming so feel free to playa round with this over time and find the right balance for you.

5. Place your board somewhere you will see it everyday, ideally morning and evening or where you spend most of your day such as a home office. Try to spend time each day, even juts a couple of minutes, focusing on your vision board and visualising your dreams manifesting. Imagine how you will feel when they come true and allow yourself to feel filled with motivation and positive energy.

6. For extra impact, you could add key images as your screensaver or create an album on your phone of the images and words you’ve added to scroll through when you need an extra boost of motivation.  The more often you can bathe your mind in these images the more powerful it will be!

I hope you’ve found this introduction to Vision Boards useful, it really can be a powerful and motivational tool for supporting visualisation and working towards manifesting your dream life. Let me know if you have a go or what the number one thing you’d definitely include on your Vision Board would be?! Also let me know any other tips you have for creating powerful visions as I’m always keen to learn 🙂

Bev Meakin – Personal Trainer/ Exercise Referral Officer and Complementary Therapist – Instagram @bevs_life