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Okay, okay, so today we’re feeling pretty fresh, we’re feeling pretty wild and we’re about to drop some weight loss bombshells on you!

Okay, okay, so today we’re feeling pretty fresh, we’re feeling pretty wild and we’re about to drop some weight loss bombshells on you!


The bottom line to losing weight involves one very simple and super-secret formula! In fact, it’s so secret, we’re probably not going to be invited to the personal trainers Christmas party after sharing it.


Okay, that might be a little extreme, after all, we make the party! So, what’s the secret? we hear you yell, well the formula to lose weight goes as follows.


Calorie Intake - Calorie Burned = Deficit/Surplus


Did we just blow your mind!!


Probably not, in fact it isn’t much of a secret at all, it’s kind of common knowledge, but hey we like to play silly beggar.


What we take into our bodies throughout the day in the form of food, minus what we burn naturally and anything extra, leads to either a surplus of calories (leading to weight gain) or in a deficit (which means our bodies seek energy from fat stores).


We’re not even going to get science-y about it, there’s no need to complicate it, that’s all you need to worry about.

How many calories should I consume?


Getting your body weight down to where you feel comfortable and reaching your goals means you need to know exactly how many calories a day you should be consuming. That way, you just need to simply track what you take in vs. what you burn, and slowly but surely you’ll lose weight


Now you can use many different calorie calculators on the internet to work out what you should be consuming daily to maintain your weight. Our favourite can be found here and you basically just put in your age, gender, height, weight and level of weekly activity, and hey presto, you’ll have your daily ideal.


Now, use this as a guide as it’s not always 100% accurate, but you will start to get a feel for whether you’re eating too much or too little and you can tweak it from there. As long as you have a starting point, you can go from there.



How do I create a deficit?


This is the hard part believe it or not!


Knowing what you should be doing, and actually doing what you’re supposed to be doing, are two very different things. How many times have you thought “I really shouldn’t eat that cake” but you still wolfed it down? No doubt five minutes later that familiar feeling of guilt came creeping up on you.


Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.


Once you know what you should be eating, everything becomes much more simple. The secret to gaining the deficit you need is in measuring what you consume.


We’ve discussed apps before in our other blog, but the whichever method you use to track and measure you calorie intake, make sure it’s convenient.


And remember, eating less calories than you need to maintain your weight creates a deficit, this deficit will lead to slow and steady weight loss. It’s also worth noting at this point two key points.


1.     The first stage of weight loss is always much easier and quicker. Your body will naturally start to adjust to the deficit and you’ll find that just minor changes at first will have a significant impact.


2.     You need to focus on changing your eating habits in the long term. We mean actually understand what foods you should be eating, portion size, how often, and even digging into the nutrition.


How do I know what I’m eating?


Finally, the part that confuses us the most. What should we actually be eating! Well to cover this wholly, we’d have to start another blog post, but in the meantime, we figure we’ll get you thinking a little bit.


So what do we mean by what foods? Well, we mean actually looking further than just the calories, and understanding what else is in the product you’re about to put away. An example is the fact you can lose weight by eating just 3 mars bars a day, it’s really that simple.


You won’t be taking on more calories than you’re burning, so hey, you’ll lose weight. In fact, you’ll probably lose weight at such a rapid rate, you’ll end up feeling ill.


It might sound great in theory, just eat chocolate and lose weight, but you won’t be taking on the nutrition your body needs to function.


Think of it this way, you have a Ferrari, would you put regular fuel in from a backstreet garage? Or would you likely put the premium fuel brand that is recommended in your hand book?


We’re guessing you’ll go premium, and why should you treat your body any differently? After all, you only get one!


Keep an eye on the fats, saturated fats and sugar contents on your products, as these are the silent fatteners that sneak up on you and ruin your body.

So read the books, scour the blogs, and check the packaging of products before you buy them, you may be shocked to see what you find. If you need a little more help understanding more about what you should be eating, ask us at boot camp or during your personal training sessions.

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