Boot Camp & Personal Training Prices

Boot Camps


£5.00 per session 

£32.00 monthly subscription (Unlimited access to both Wednesday and Saturday boot camps)


Boot camps are held at our very own dedicated personal training studio located at 18 Bury Rd, Rawtenstall, BB4 6AA. Your first session is free and classes run twice a week; 

All monthly subscriptions must be paid from the 01st of each month and you can attend as many boot camp classes as you like for the entire month, saving you money. 


Wednesday boot camp


A class designed to keep you moving and shaking throughout the entire session, the Wednesday boot camp incorporates HIIT (high intensity interval training), full body workouts, cardiovascular training (getting your heart rate pumping), and exercises that use your body weight and actual weights. The aim of the game in this session is to burn as many calories as possible, help you lose weight and get yourself fitter whilst utilising every single minute of the session. 


Saturday boot camp


Helping you power into the weekend, full steam ahead, Saturday sessions are all about the circuit. We’re talking about circuit training of course! Different stations are set up with various exercises and activities designed to give you a full body workout. There’ll be weighted exercises, core engaging movements, body weighted exercises, resistance training and high-intensity aerobics, all designed to build your strength and muscular endurance whilst burning those calories.


Personal Training 


Personal training sessions are designed to last 1 hour, and will take place at our PT studio in Rawtenstall.


We offer a FREE initial consultation, that allows us to assess your current situation, understand your goals, and create a plan that is tailored to you specifically. 


1 Session - £25

10 Session - £225 (Save £25)

20 Session - £460 (Save £40)


Book with a friend £15pp