Originally created by Joseph Pilates for dancers to prevent back injuries, Pilates is a form of exercise that specifically works to improve joint strength and stability throughout the trunk of the body.


An excellent form of activity, Pilates has been known to help those suffering with lower and upper back/neck problems, shoulder instability, and hip and knee instability. It's designed to strengthen and lengthen the trunk giving greater power from the core and helps create greater stability in the spine. The activities are slow, controlled, but still highly challenging and can be progressed and regressed to suit everyone.


Pilates is the perfect workout for anyone of any age, any fitness level and any ability. We welcome beginners who want to start building a great foundation, to the elite athletes that want to work on key areas of strength. The activity uses many different apparatus and these can even be adjusted to suit clients with any medical conditions or ailments.


Pilates classes run every Wednesday from our dedicated training studio in Rawtenstall and will run for one hour. If you'd like to take part be sure to book yourself on early as we only have space for 12 participants per class. You can book your Pilates class via the booking link below, or by giving us a call direct. 


Running Time: 18:00 - 19:00

Price: £5.00 Per Class