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At Hamer’s we’re always looking for ways to improve your fitness and health, and most of all we want to do so in a way that keeps you interested and motivated.

At Hamer’s we’re always looking for ways to improve your fitness and health, and most of all we want to do so in a way that keeps you interested and motivated. To help us keep it interested we’re always on the lookout for new ideas we can bring to the studio. Well (drum-roll please) now we’ve just added Pilates to our growing list of classes.


We’re super-excited and look forward to bringing another awesome way for everyone to train in and around Rawtenstall.


Some of you have already met the amazing Tracey Entwistle, and some of you are yet to join in with the Pilates hype, but either way, we’re going to run through a few reasons why you need to try Pilates (even if it’s just one to test the water).

What is Pilates


Okay so the short version is; Pilates is a form of exercise that is designed to strengthen your body, with a focus on core strength. The purpose of Pilates is to improve your overall fitness levels and increase your positive feelings of well-being.


Created by a chap called Joseph Pilates back in the 20th century, and it quickly spread across the world, especially in western countries. The idea Joseph coined was based upon his methods of precisely controlling movements, in a way that looks and feels as though you are working out.


Pilates is different from Yoga in many ways, but the main difference is the way that Pilates focuses on building strength and toning your body, whereas Yoga can be more therapeutic and focuses on flexibility and broad muscle groups.

Benefits of Pilates


Rock Hard Core – That’s right, Pilates utilises breathing, coordination and balance, but as mentioned, it really does improve your core muscle group. The includes, your abs, lower back, and hips. By using controlled breathing, correct positioning, and becoming one with your body, you actually learn to completely control your movements.


Getting Long and Lean – When we work out in a gym or when playing sports, we tend to build short bigger muscles, due to only exercising specific areas of our body. Unfortunately, the down side is that we end up more prone to injury. If you follow what Tracey is doing and pay attention to the correct motions, you’ll improve the elasticity of your muscles, and find that your joint mobility improves.


Well-Rounded Workout – Our normal workouts will generally target specific areas of our body. We may even end up ignoring areas depending on what we enjoy working out. Pilates doesn’t give you the chance to do that, and your body will benefit from evenly distributed workouts.


Improved Sports Performance – A side benefit of a well-rounded workout, Is the fact that it naturally complements any sports or other activities you already do. You’ll find that your body remains balances and evenly conditioned, improving your performance. This is why many different athletes use Pilates as part of their training program.


How Can I Get Involved?


Our Pilates classes run every single Wednesday 18:00 – 19:00 at our Rawtenstall based studio, and each class lasts an hour. Our Boot Camp follows right after Pilates, so if you have it in you, you could even do both.


The only catch to our Pilates sessions are that you have to get yourself booked in advance to avoid disappointment. This is because Tracey only takes a maximum of 12 people in each class, to ensure that everybody really gets the most out of her tuition.


If you want to give it a go, the classes are only £5 each and you can book your place online. Follow the link below to get booked in.