Park Bench Workouts You Can Enjoy In The Sun

We’ve put together a couple of exercises you can do outside this summer, all you need is a sturdy park bench. So when you’re not at bootcamp, you can still enjoy the sun and ensure you’re getting a great workout.

It’s Official! Summer is here!

As the temperature heats up and the sun beams down, we find our usual grey and gloomy towns transformed into relatively tolerable places to live.

Sure, 9-5 may consist of longingly staring out of office windows, and ignoring holiday beach snaps with captions like #beachday and #howsyourmonday.

But it’s worth it, because 5-9, well that’s our time to shine. Breaking out of work, most head to the local beer garden for anything fruity with fizz, and those who are particularly adventurous, may even choose to dine in style, dusting off the BBQ.

One thing is for sure, nothing can dampen spirits on those warm summer eves, not even the countless, unnecessarily topless men patrolling the streets.

Unfortunately with so much to enjoy, it’s not uncommon for us to slowly take our eyes off the prize and slip into an unhealthy routine. It’s even easier for us to make excuses because “it’s summer” and “we never get this weather”.

Just remember the increased alcohol, BBQ dinners and 99p flakes are unfortunately not as forgiving.

Inspired by the summer sun, we’ve put together a park bench workout plan you can use when you’re not at boot camp that you can do anywhere and keep away those extra pounds that we would otherwise find ourselves putting on.

All you need is a sturdy park bench and the motivation to keep fit.


Perform each move for 40 seconds and take a 20 second rest between moves. Repeat the circuit 3 – 4 times. Rest for 45 seconds, each time you finish the circuit.


Sit to Stand

1.  Sit right at the very edge of the park bench and plant your feet shoulder width apart,

2. Keep your body straight and leaning forwards slightly and with your arms straight out in front of you,

3. Push with your heels and extend your knees and hips whilst swinging your arms backwards and finish in a standing position,

4. Return to a seated position by slowly lowering yourself back towards the bench whilst keeping your back as straight as possible and using the muscles in your legs,

5. Tap your bottom against the bench and start all over again.


1. Start facing the bench stood with your feet shoulder-width apart,

2. Step onto the bench and stand as tall as possible whilst contracting your thigh muscles in your leg at the top of the movement,

3. Slowly step back down to the starting position and then repeat,

4. Do one leg for the full 40 seconds then move on to the other.

Bulgarian Split Squats

1. Ideally you want to find a bench that you can rest your foot on that is about the same height as your knee,

2. Get into a lunge position with one foot behind you resting on the bench and the other about half a metre in front of the bench,

3. Keeping your upper body straight and tight, slowly lower yourself until your front thigh is parallel with the floor. Do not let your knee go further forward than your toes,

4. Push through your heel to return back to the starting position,

5. Restart the movement, exercising one leg for 40 seconds, then the other.

Incline Push-Ups

1. Start leaning against the back of the bench with your hands shoulder-width apart,

2. Keeping your back straight, and your feet about an inch apart, slowly lower your chest to the bench,

3. Stop just before your chest touches the bench, and push yourself back to the starting position.


Box Jumps

1. Stand facing the bench with your feet shoulder-width apart and as close as you feel comfortable jumping,

2. When ready, drop yourself quickly into a half squat and then extend your hips whilst swinging your arms and pushing through your feet,

3. Propelling yourself forward, attempt to land on the box and light as possible without landing heavy,

4. Step back down off the bench and return to the starting position.


Tricep Dips

1. Start with your hands shoulder-width apart on the bench behind you whilst you face away,

2. Slide off the bench and support your weight on your arms and keep your legs straight out in front of you,

3. Keep a little bend in your elbows and ensure tension is on your tricep and not your joints,

4. Slowly bend your elbows, lowering yourself to the floor until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle,

5. Once you have reached this point, push back through your arms and straighten your elbows, to return back to the starting position.

Enjoy trying your outdoor training this week and remember to attend bootcamp on Wednesdays & Saturdays to keep yourself trim and healthy this summer,