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3 Free Fitness Apps That Everyone Needs To Download

Whether you currently have a personal trainer, or you’ve been attending boot camp sessions, you have to keep an eye on the prize. By tracking how you’re progressing day by day, you’ll be able to recognise when you’re improving and push yourself to beat your previous attempts.

Finding Good Personal Trainers in Rossendale

So you’re a local resident in Rossendale and you’re thinking of taking on a personal trainer ey? Well, whether you aim to banish the buddah belly, or you want to run up and down Peel Tower twice without stopping, you’ve come to the right place. At some point or other most people end up considering […]

5 Signs You Need to Hire a Personal Trainer

You may be a complete newbie, cautiously navigating the weird and wonderful, minefield that is fitness. Or you may be a seasoned pro, with lumps and bumps in all the right places. One thing is for sure, everyone can benefit from expert advice, regardless of experience.

How Can Boot Camps Help You With Weight Loss?

It’s that time of year, where our holiday is in a couple of weeks, and we realise just how hard those Christmas chocolates hit us this year. Getting to the beach in your swimwear and having local wildlife rescue teams attempt to push you back into the sea, can be demotivating to say the least. […]

Park Bench Workouts You Can Enjoy In The Sun

We’ve put together a couple of exercises you can do outside this summer, all you need is a sturdy park bench. So when you’re not at bootcamp, you can still enjoy the sun and ensure you’re getting a great workout. It’s Official! Summer is here! As the temperature heats up and the sun beams down, […]

5 Tips On Getting Boot Camp Ready

You’ve decided to take the bootcamp plunge ay? Well congratulations on making that tough decision and choosing to change your life. Luckily, your first taster session is completely free, so you’re not losing anything by trying something new, and you can ensure you’re ready to smash-it on bootcamp day with the information in this blog. We’ve […]