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Worst 3 Sweets You Can Eat When Trying to Lose Weight

With Halloween hitting us in the last week, we thought it would be rather fitting to investigate what horrors we may be eating when we dig into our trick or treat bags. We’re only kidding, who needs to go trick or treating when you can raid the kids bags when they come home.

3 Secrets Personal Trainers Keep Hidden

All trainers out there have something they want to keep hidden from you, and usually they have a good reason. Don’t get us wrong, we love personal trainers, especially those local to Rossendale (much love guys), but not all trainers are made equal, and some just don’t play fair.

Best 5 Arm Workouts to Build Your Guns

Okay! It’s time we talk about those swans’ ladies. No we don’t mean those bobbing around in the pond, we’re talking about the guns you pop when someone shouts “which way to the beach”.

How To Stay In Shape Over Christmas

Christmas isssss coming!!! You may still feel-beach fresh, but whether you like it or not the jolly season is headed our way, and the fat guy is preparing our prezzies.

5 Ways You Can Battle Bad Food Cravings

We know it sucks! We know the feeling! You decide to make a change, a real push in the right direction. You train hard, you sweat harder, then you feel it. That niggle turns into a jab, that jab turns into a pang, you turn into the confectionary aisle, and you’re staring them down.

Top 3 Supplements You Should Include In Your Diet

Over the last few weeks we have covered a range of many different topics. We are trying to arm you with easily accessible information by examining the wide scope of fitness information out there. Hopefully through feeding this information, we can help you to succeed.

4 Reasons Why Personal Training with Friends is Effective

In case you didn’t know already, we recently put together a little offer for people who want to start personal training sessions. You can now book a session with a friend and it only costs £15 per person. A perfect deal for those who want to get the full benefits of a PT and save themselves some cash.