How You Can Workout and Get Slimmer Legs?

The legs are the most troublesome area for most women and some men when it comes to weight loss. The legs are also generally difficult to slim, as they’re typically one of the last places you deplete the fat stores, through diet and exercise.

The legs are also generally difficult to slim, as they’re typically one of the last places you deplete the fat stores, through diet and exercise. Most women store stubborn fat in their lower bodies, including thighs, hips and bum – and usually find it easiest to burn fat from their upper body and arms.

There are 3 areas which we need to address when aiming to slim down our legs. These are: reducing our overall body fat percentage, reducing calories, and toning up our pins.    


Women’s legs tend to slim down at a body fat percentage of roughly 18%, therefore, in order to get slimmer legs, you need to slim down your whole body. Unfortunately, due to the way that fat cells are composed, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to target areas of the body for fat loss. To slim down your legs you need to go beyond a few simple leg exercises, and instead stick to a plan which combines fat loss and muscle toning exercises.



Being in 3500 calorie deficit PER WEEK will enable you to loose around 1 pound of fat tissue per week. Most adults need roughly 2000-2500 calories per day, depending on how active your lifestyle.

Typically, as a moderately active woman, you need 2000 calories per day – in order to lose one pound per week, you need to reduce these calories to 1500 per day, to equal a deficit of 3500 a week. The same way that a moderately active man should reduce his calorie intake from 2500 to 2000 calories per day, for the same result.



One way you can target the legs is through exercise. Although toning the muscle of your legs wont make them (or you) lighter, it will make them shapelier. When trying to slim down the legs its difficult to get a balance between toning and creating bulky or overly muscular legs, which can actually result in them looking bigger than before.

Many personal trainers encourage weight lifting for toning the legs, however its important to stick to high reps of each exercise, using light weights to tone and reduce fat, rather than creating very muscly, stocky legs.


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