How To Stay In Shape Over Christmas

Christmas isssss coming!!! You may still feel-beach fresh, but whether you like it or not the jolly season is headed our way, and the fat guy is preparing our prezzies.

In case you didn’t know, we only have 10 Fridays left until Christmas. That’s right, you heard me, 10! Whether you like it or not, the days will get shorter, the nights will get colder, and the gyms begin start to look a little like a ghost town. 

It’s a shameful truth that most of us are gonna pack on the podge over the winter season. I mean, why not? Cakes appear at work, Christmas parties get into full swing, and of course not forgetting turkey dinner, and a week of leftovers at that. 

So how does anyone manage to stay fit over Christmas? Is it some sort of witchcraft only reserved for the unicorns among us? Or is it possible that with a little know how, we can still enjoy the festive season without having to wear stretchy pants until February.  

We’ve thrown together a few tips to help you get prepared. Winter is coming!

Don’t leave the house hungry 

This may seem slightly strange, especially if you’re headed out for a meal/dinner party, however it’s actually a great way to keep your calories in check. By making sure you eat little and often, it means you won’t end up leaving the house completely starving. Not being super-hungry, means you’ll be less tempted to eat too much, and won’t go crazy when you order.  

Don’t miss meals 

You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that by missing meals, you can make up for the naughty treats you had the day before. Unfortunately, it’s just not that simple. Missing meals causes your body to store fat when you eat, as it’s unsure when the next time you’ll eat again. 

This goes back to the caveman days, when we were hunter gatherers, and the body would store fat in case you were unable to eat for long periods. As they say the most important meal of the day is breakfast, so make sure you’re getting your Weetabix in the morning. 

Watch alcohol calories 

We all love a little tipple around Xmas, but if you want to keep trim, you need to keep an eye on what you’re drinking and how often. Most alcoholic drinks have high calories, unhealthy mixers and are likely to give you a hangover that makes working out impossible. We’re not saying don’t drink, but do keep an eye on how often/much your putting away, and try to plan your nights out around when you plan to exercise to give you the best chances. 

Keep on top of your exercise

This is pretty obvious, but do keep on top of your exercise over the winter. As soon as you start to let it slip, you’ll find it much harder to stay motivated. You could give yourself set days to workout, or just go a little earlier in the day. This way, when someone starts to twist your arm about heading out, you’ll have already done your exercise for the day. It makes sense when all you’ll hear at this time of year is “go on be naughty, it’s Christmas”. 

Leave room to enjoy yourself 

When Xmas rolls on us, it’s easy for us to say, no I’m not drinking, eating unhealthy, and no cakes for me. That leaves much more room for us to make those mistakes. We do think you should be aware of the festive pitfalls, but you have to be realistic with your goals. 

Leave room to enjoy yourself and feel free to take on those treats that you really love, however remember, everything in moderation. If you do have a bad day, don’t panic, just reset and get back into the rhythm. 

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