How To Find a Good Rossendale Gym

What process are you supposed to follow, when you start looking around Rossendale for a good gym? How the hell are you supposed to know what to look for?

We found that most people struggle to even figure out where to begin, and by the time they get going, they’ve lost motivation and chosen to tuck into that chocolate bar they had lying around. After all, “who’s got time to look for a gym anyway”, the sofa is sooo much more comfortable, “we’ll just stay here and look tomorrow”. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a list that told you what to look for? And wouldn’t it be awesome if that list was created without someone selling their particular gym? (You can you see where this is going). 

Well, drum roll please, we’ve done just that!


1. Keep Your Friends Close 

In this case your gym is that friend, and let’s say she’s a she. Well she’s your pal, your best buddy, but sometimes she’s going to be a cow. You’re going to hate her at times, you may fall out, and she may push you to your breaking point. But, you’re gonna want her close by, so no matter how you feel you can’t help but go and see her stinking face again. 

Think about it, when you feel run-down, and you can’t bear the thought of working out, you’re gonna want as few excuses as possible for a gym-dodging. With that in mind, if your gym is between work and home, or right next to where you live, it’d be rude not to give it a pop.

Choosing a gym close to you helps you prepare to handle the future objections you might give yourself. 


2. Sorry We’re Closed 

Probably one of the most overlooked factors when we get into gym-mode and start signing paper work is finding out when your gym is actually letting in. Knowing these specifics will help you better decide on whether you’re a match or not. 

Think about it, do they open before you start work? Do they close early on weekends? Are they open 24 hours? Look at how your current role fits in with their hours and also have a little think about your future with them.

What if your routine changes? Are they still gonna be suitable? Am I going to use their opening hours as an excuse? You should ask yourself all these questions, and more, before tying into a 12-month contract. 


3. The Gym Members

When you go to check out your new, potential, body-sculpting workshop, keep an eye out for the other members. Now we don’t mean check out booties and drooling, we mean having a look at what types of people frequent this gym. 

Some gyms are for older people, some are for girls only, some are guys only, some have unisex changing rooms, and some have no many members you’d have them grunting out reps in your ear. You want to find out who already attends to give yourself a better idea of whether this is suited to you. 

Nobody should feel self-conscious or intimidated, no one should feel embarrassed and unwanted, and finding out a little more about the other gym members could tell you a lot about the gym itself.

Maybe even take a second to speak of the other members about what they like/dislike about coming here. This type of inside knowledge is golden, and more often than not, you’ll find out the nitty-griity deets. 


4. The Gym Employees

Speaking of great insight and insider knowledge, the employees themselves could be your ticket to finding out all you need to know. Obviously the membership guys will be generally selling you on all the benefits, but having a wander around and speaking to receptionists, café staff, cleaners, and other people on-site, could give you a much more rounded view. 

You could also study how they act when working around the gym. How do they conduct themselves? Are they helping people work out? Are the trainers actively involved with the members? Do the classes run professionally and smoothly? Do the employees seem happy to be here? This is all valuable information you can dig-out on your first visit. 


5. Sparkly Clean 

This Is going to be a little harder for you to spot, but to avoid you having to clean up others mess, or having to deal with dirty smelly equipment, it’ll fair you well to look at how hygienic the gym is. 

You could look for cleaning stations with spray and tissue paper, how clean the equipment seems, whether the floor has been hoovered, the etiquette of the gym and if people wipe down machines, and if you’re feeling super brave, you could head into the showers/toilets to see what state they’re in. 


6. Are They Well Equipped?

You may have a vague idea of what sort of work outs you’ll be doing, or you may have no clue at all, but as you walk around have a look for machines that are the most popular (squat rack, benches, treadmills, etc) and other equipment you’re most likely to use.

Look at how busy these machines are, and try to figure out if they have enough equipment to meet the needs of their members. It may be worth you visiting the venue at peak times, such as 5-6 on a Monday, or times you’re likely to go as a member, to really see the place in full flow. 

It’s great having all the kit in the world, but if you can’t use it when you want to, its ultimately irrelevant. Examining equipment and usage during your preferred times, will illustrate this gyms suitability to you. 


7. Signing Your Life Away

Ah the fun part, how much is this actually going to cost me? Not surprisingly, the price is generally the main driving factor people use to determine whether the gym and them are marriage material.

It could feel like you’re signing your life away, and with lots of different tiers of membership on offer, it’s not hard for you to be left feeling confused and pressured into signing-up. 

First thing you need to do, is take a breath, don’t panic! You’re the customer, and you need to make sure this decision is right for you. So take a look at the payment schedule, do they charge monthly or do you commit for a year? Can you pay as you go? Are there any sign-up/cancellation fees? What happens if you miss a payment? 

These are all questions you want to know the answer to before you commit. Don’t be dazzled by promotions or ‘book now’ deals, and don’t feel as though you are being pushed into something that might not be right for you. You can afford to be picky at this point, you can haggle yourself a better deal, and if you still don’t feel like you’re getting a good deal, say “ciao adios I’m done”, and head to the exit. 

You’re the one in control of this gym seeking process, not the membership sales guy, not your friends, not your neighbours, not the local fitness nut. You’re the one who has to put-up with your choice, and you should take your time to ensure it’s the right one. 

Finding a good local gym around Rossendale can prove to be a pain in the backside, but once you find one that is aligned with you and your goals, well then you’re already on the path to success in your new healthy lifestyle. 

If you are interested in working out without being confined to the 4 walls of a gym, get in touch with us to find out more about our boot camps, and our at-home personal training. A lot of our clients frequent a gym, and then incorporate 1-2 personal sessions each week too. This helps keep their body guessing, but also arms them with knowledge they can then include in their own gym workout routines. 

Working out effectively and with a real plan of action can help you reach your goals much more quickly and efficiently than otherwise. As a by-product you could even end up saving yourself some cash, sweat and tears through hiring a personal trainer. 

We don’t mind answering questions, so if anything about this article leaves you with any, feel free to get in touch. You can drop us a message using the contact form , or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep an eye on what we do. Remember, start today, thank yourself tomorrow.